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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check for a leak?

Water meters have a built-in leak indicator, shown as a red triangle. If all faucets are turned off and the indicator spins, there is a leak.

I have a leak, what should I do?

A leak between the meter box and the house is the homeowner's responsibility. Under certain circumstances, a one-time leak adjustment can be granted. Call your Customer Service Representative for more information at 409-755-1559.

Why is my bill high?

The most common reasons for high water bills are toilet leaks, sprinkler leaks and over watering.

My meter box is full of dirt - there is no way that they read the meter!

A meter reader will wipe the dirt or mud off the register to read the number. The area will quickly fill back in with soil after the reading is taken, or your meter maybe a radio read meter which means the meter reader does not need to get into the box to read the meter.

My meter box is full of water?

If the water is running, there is a leak and you need to contact the MUD office at 409-755-1559. If the water is still but clear and the ground is soggy, there may be a leak. Contact our office and we will check it out.

Is there a main shut-off valve and where is it located?

In most cases, the shut-off valves are located on the same side of the house as the meter box.

How do I reduce the risk of a sewer back-up from the Municipal Utility District main collection line from entering my home?

Main sewer line back-ups that actually affect a customer's home are relatively rare and are usually caused by an accumulation of household grease. Cooking oils and grease of any type should never be poured into the sink, garbage disposal or commode. Household grease can coagulate into a big enough mass to completely block a main sewer line.

In the event of a sewer back up...?

In the event of a sewer back up, call the MUD office at 409-755-1559 (day or night) and we will check the main line.

Where is the sewer cleanout?

Normally the sewer clean-out is located at the front of the house and on the opposite side from the meter box. It is a 4" pipe with a white cap.