Lumberton Municipal Utility District - Lumberton MUD
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Report a Problem

If you have an emergency, please call our 24 hour hotline at 409-755-1559.


Customer name:


Home phone:

Work or cell phone:

What type of call is it?

Water Sewer




What type of problem?

Dirty water
Water leak
Main line blow out
Bill too high
Water smells bad
No water
Low pressure
Meter leak

Where is the leak?

In the house
In the ditch
In your back yard
In yard
In the street
At the meter

How bad is it?

Shooting up in the air
Flooding the street
No emergency




Do you have a sewer pump (LPSS) on your house?

Yes No
(If No, you may skip the next two questions)

Is the alarm on?

Yes No

Do you have power?

Yes No

What type of problem?

Cannot flush
Sewer backing up
Lift station alarm
Cavity in yard
Slow flushing
Manhole overflowing
LPSS alarm
Cavity in street

How bad is it?


Is everything in the home stopped up?

Yes No

Is sewer overflowing?

Yes No

Is this a constant problem?

Yes No

Is sewer backing up in the tub?

Yes No

Is sewer running into the ditch?

Yes No

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